How to Use

How does this website work?

My portfolio includes over 2,000 images from mainly Nordic countries like Iceland, Norway or Greenland with a focus on abstract landscapes and perspectives. Since my main main portfolio website follows a more visual approach, inviting you to browse and discover, I want this image library to be the counterpart: Find photos by keywords like country, image content, color or mood or get inspired by the numerous collections.

The site is aimed primarily at picture editors, creative directors and designers, but also interior designers or clients who are looking for a suitable fine art print for their office or home.

☑️ 01 / Search by keyword(s)

Click on "Search" or move the mouse over the search bar on the right side of the screen and enter one or more keywords:

  • Iceland Glacier or Iceland AND Glacier will return all images that have both words in their metadata or title.
  • Iceland OR Norway will return images that have either “Iceland” or “Norway” in their metadata or title. Note that the OR operator must be in capital letters.
  • "Glacier River" will return images that match the exact phrase Glacier River.

Please note that the focus of my portfolio is on landscape motifs from these countries (with a clear emphasis on Iceland and Norway) and searching for other countries or landscape types such as "rainforest" or "desert" will not lead to any results. This collection provides a good overview of my work.

    ☑️ 02 / Discover images via collections 

    Click on "Collections" and discover my photos via a variety of carefully curated collections by country, color/style or subject.

    Most photos belong to a series, which usually consists of 10-12 images. If this is the case, you will find the first keyword in apostrophe in the "Photo Keywords" section below the photo. Click on this keyword or keyword group and you will be taken to the complete series.

    ✅ Add your favorite images to a Lightbox

    You can add your favorite images to a lightbox by clicking the button to the left of the image in the detailed view or by hovering over a thumbnail image in the overview/search results and selecting the small checkmark. To access your lightbox or to modify the image selection at a later time, you need to create an account to save your selection. Each lightbox will then also have a unique URL that you can forward to your team or client. If you have further questions, feel free to get in touch any time.

    The next step: How do you get a quote for your image selection?